disturbed daddy

as you may or may not know, daddy takes caltrain to work everyday. today we made an unscheduled stop and were told that the train might not get moving again for up to an hour. a few minutes later they reveal to us that there has been a FATALITY on the tracks in mountain view (my station).

we eventually start moving, but our train is going slow as a slug so i'm of course falling asleep..."trying" to read...etc. about 15 minutes later i see some police out the window, and before i knew we were rolling by a dead body under a tarp. it was really disturbing and made me uncharacteristically sad.

WHAT'S EVEN FREAKIER is that once i got to the office i found out that a woman had committed suicide on the tracks in almost the SAME PLACE yesterday.

also, not to keep discussing train suicides, but these were the first two caltrain deaths this year...last year there were over 20. does that seem like a shit ton to anyone else?

here's an article

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schoolpants said...

aaaaaand the golden gate bridge is the most popular place IN THE WORLD to commit suicide. there's a really cool documentary about it called, "the bridge," if you're interested in that sort of thing.

what is it about san fransisco that makes everybody want to die?