HARRIBLE hair decision

Why tacky moms decide to get "edgy" do's is beyond me. Please just get a simple mom bob, or, at the very most, highlights (NOT skunky ones) if you need to feel "young"--- I don't really care, as long as you don't embarass your kids, and yourself, by thinking you are "cool," because you are a mom, and you are not.
Because don't get me wrong: I kind of love KG here, despite the controversy and awkward style development ("fancy" sunglasses, bootcut jeans, peeptoe heels, sigh sigh sigh)--- but PLEASE GOD, HIRE A BETTER STYLIST! DO YOU SHARE WITH B. SPEARS?? All in all, I think a simpler hairdo would be a step in the right direction, Kate. A step towards healing.

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