You owe me a coke.

No, the terrifying phenomenon I am talking about here is hardcore, TRUE JINXING, in which all the hopes you've secretly nurtured are DASHED because you foolishly talked about them! I believe in jinxing-- I don't want to, but I do...

I mean listen to Wikipedia:

"The superstition is sometimes used when talking about a future event with too
much confidence. A statement like "We're sure to win the contest!" can be seen as a jinx by tempting fate. For the human mind, the irony makes it all the more likely. This therefore brings bad luck: it is a "jinx". The event itself is referred to as "jinxed"."

THIS IS SO EXACTLY HOW I FEEL ABOUT JINXES! And I don't mean the "saying the same thing at the same time" nonsense.

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