so on the today show this morning there was a segment on the "top 10 'bad boy' baby names"...

"New parents may balk at naming their newborn boys such tried-and-true but yawn-inducing names as Michael or David — but a new study shows that if they play it safe, they may be doing their babies a favor.

Writing in Social Science Quarterly, Shippensburg University professor David Kalist says giving newborn males oddball, girly or strange first names may just help land them in jail.

In alphabetical order, the Top 10 “bad boy” names, according to Kalist, are Alec, Ernest, Garland, Ivan, Kareem, Luke, Malcolm, Preston, Tyrell and Walter."

i mean i do have anger problems. and a short, sometimes violent temper, but i find it funny that i'm thrown into the same category as people named "garland" and "ivan." my name is one of THE FOUR GOSPELS. DOES ANYONE ELSE READ THE BIBLE AROUND HERE? i should be considered the same as MATTHEW, MARK, AND JOHN. OKAY?!

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kc said...

Good one!! laughing out loud LUKEY