As a kid Baby really wanted to have her own Babysitter's Club. Disregarding the fact that she didn't like answering the phone, didn't have the business acumen of Kristy or the undying patience of Mary Ann, let alone a hot prepubescent boyfriend like Logan. She just liked the idea of being part of a successful CLUB.
(Full disclosure: I did have a Kid Kit, and I'm pretty sure it's still in a hall closet somewhere-- filled with straws and pipe-cleaners, prepared to make any kid's dreams come true... if their dreams were incredibly lame and fulfilled with simple, crappy craft materials.)
BUT MY POINT IS that Baby and Daddy might start a secret society when we start Store. You'd have to be cool enough to be invited. Are you that cool? Probably not.
PPS-- I also have a really specific memory of this cover... in which Kristy in holding some kid in her arms while the foxy lifeguard bandages the little girl's foot, which she has cut something lame like a sharp shell. Kristy has a major boner for this guy, who on this cover looks about 30, while she looks 12, right? Babysitter's Club was secretly racy!

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