From NYMag: "Three years ago, Kevin Carney and Brandon Day launched the Generic Man, a label committed to creating simple, extremely well-crafted shoes, with no logos or overt branding."

Now they have expanded to women's!

Baby and Daddy have always known the elusive and unique cool of the generic item. Now, lately lots of "cool" people are getting on this whole "label-less" bandwagon and that's great, but here's what I say to those people-- YOU ARE LATE TO THE PARTY, FRIENDS. And sorry, but the keg of coolness is almost tapped.

When Baby and Daddy lived in Chicago together 35 years ago, they used to do some grocery shopping for select items at Aldi, the discount grocery chain-- probably because both of our moms used to buy us generic food at the grocery store-- no-brand fruit snacks, juice boxes, raisins, you name it! (Daddy's mom also used to buy pop in those sad liter bottles.)

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Sarah Butler said...

did your mom buy 'no ad sunscreen'? it was the best.

(i'm kind of embarrassed that i'm the only one who comments on here. but its okay i'll get over it.)