I bet more people would be cool with the paparazzi if they went for this guy's "upper-class Malaysian bug collector" vibe, rather than "pack of Brazilian rapists."

if you are ever sitting at work thinking "i need a pick-me-up" click here and go to the "dos and don'ts" section of the VICE magazine website.
it's LEGIT really funny.
you could spend hours going through all of them chuckling to yourself.
or if you're lucky you'll have one of those really painful silent laugh attacks because your coworkers are watching you and you already got busted for gchatting too much.

this happened to me when baby sent me a youtube link to a man singing church hymns and i read all the comments WHICH WERE WRITTEN SO RECENTLY IT WAS SCARY. like there were LITERALLY multiple comments from that VERY DAY on this old ass video from the 70's of some man singing a jesus song. anyway i started silently laughing so hard at a comment from "BethCat 61" that i couldn't breathe and my shoulders were shaking up and down SO high. but i had to stay quiet because my coworkers were watching. and by "coworkers" i mean my dad.

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