Sometimes daytime fantasies are the only way to pass an otherwise totally regular Monday... aka chatting with Fannie about how we're going to accessorize our (Moet drinking) puppies in the future.
Thanks to Fannie for finding this Vivienne Westwood diamond dog bodysuit (I'm on a waiting list).

: chhhhaaa ching!
4:37 PM and then i would marry a trump
and we would all live happily ever after in a pile of thousand dolla billz
4:40 PM me: i'll use thousand dolla billz to line the crate for my puppy, Nana
4:42 PM Annie: she can nuzzle them whilst wearing her gold/diamond collar (designed to match your ring)
4:54 PM me: oh exactly
also, i'll have diamonds implanted into her skin
Annie: so she will glimmer in the sunlight!
4:55 PM me: like a vampire

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