scott schuman (aka the sartorialist) had his san francisco book signing last night. after waiting in line for HOURS (like LITERALLY almost 3 hours...alone...) i got up to the table, confidently shook his hand, sat in a large wingback chair, chatted for a bit about how the girl in front of me was a cupcake maker, took the most AWKWARD picture of my life, and then walked off stage.

oh yeah. he also yelled after me "nice to meet you luke!"

he was surprisingly really talkative with everyone. the only reason i was in line for 3 hours is because he literally struck up a convo with each and every person. he also had this random microphone he shoved into a few people's faces, forcing them to answer questions in front of the whole store. WHAT A GOOF.

another thing that BLEW MY MIND was how many people in line were dressed like they were waiting to get bottle service in the VIP area of some tacky club. THIS IS A BOOK SIGNING. TAKE OFF YOUR GIGANTIC PLATFORMS AND SLUTTY DRESSES... YOU'RE JUST EMBARRASSING YOURSELVES.

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K said...

Ohhh I so wanted to go... but just couldn't do it... the lines, the fashion anxiety, and the overall just not feeling well.

I thought I'd check the Sartorialist to see if there were any comments posts up... and came across your comment.

Great blog and yes I so here you on the miniskirts and platforms.... ugh. Oh well it tis SF... Cheers