jerking: a new dance phenomenon born on the streets of LA... now it's all over youtube... but in a good way.
what's cool is that it's also tied in with fashion and music so it's starting it's own new youth style/subculture...

“Jerking is a movement, almost like in the ’80s when rap started,” said Tammy Maxwell, the manager of the Ranger$ and the mother of Julian Goins. “There’s a style to it, and a music and a lifestyle and all the kids have really jumped on it.”

whatever i'm bad at summarizing. just read the NYTIMES ARTICLE if you even care. and this video is of the Ranger$ who are one of the most popular jerking crews. it's sounds funny to say "jerking crew" doesn't it? i challenge you to use it in a sentence today.


Chris said...

i am sold.

schoolpants said...

"i dare you to be like 'hey butt!'"

we have such bashful urban youths in this town.