Really and truly, it wrenches Baby's heart that it was she who had Amazing Encounter #2 and not Daddy. Because he's always been such a lover of The Sound Of Music (which he listens to alone in his room after he eats a frozen dinner every night) and because as a small child he had a big poster of...


...on his closet door. He is her #1 fan.
And yet it was Baby who saw her at a book event and took sneaky pics of her....! She is beautiful and that voice... oh man, that voice.

Also, a little private correspondence from Daddy to Baby:
"i hope you find a way to jump julie andrews' bones. just kidding. at least ask her to sing a line from sound of music. just kidding also. that would be really mean since she has that weird voice disease and can NEVER SING AGAIN. that's just too bad."

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luke said...

stop talking about me so much in the posts.

just kidding i love the attention.