Well not to BRAG or anything, but Baby had a really phenomenal musical experience this week, which is going to make you all disobey Commandment 10 ("number 10: don't covet when you see your neighbor's house... or wife"-- courtesy jazzy 10 Commandments song that Daddy and Baby can rattle off at a moment's notice thanks to our brainwash-via-catchy song upbringing. How convenient!) so just prepare yourselves:3RD ROW CENTER SEATS TO GRIZZLY BEAR AT TOWN HALL. (Thanks, Zoe!)
Yes, the rumors are true, the sexy drummer and I are now in an intense relationship due to our immediate spiritual connection and legit hefty dose of eye contact throughout the show.

Which was awesome, despite what this review of it in the NYTimes said... yes, the Brooklyn Youth Chorus performing backup vocals was "sweet," and by sweet I mean totally totally mad cool and awesome.Baby thought this was the gay one, but then Daddy told her it wasn't... HE WOULD KNOW I GUESS.

SORRY, Baby and Daddy don't usually force our flawless and hip musical taste on blog, but Baby had to share. Plus their new album is out and IT IS WORTH BUYING/LISTENING TO. Unless you're too busy listening to shitty music that I don't care about.

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