i h8te kidz

talking to elsa today we were remembering all the nicknames we had for our little kid campers. it's so fun to make fun of 8 year olds behind their backs!

-"dead stare" (her eyes were always sunken and gray and she would noon-stop stare at you with them!)
-"i could never love you" (fat girl, buck teeth...are we harrible people?)
-"mad dog" (actually named HERSELF that)
-"sheen" (which i have no memory of but apparently she wore a sheeny green jacket all the time?)
-"voluminous" (actually a high school-er on crew, but her hair was heidi-montag-big-blonde voluminous all the time at gross camp and it really freaked us out)

god i forgot the rest. molly, add to this...

What about that one, PUNKY?? Am I hallucinating or something or was punky a chunky redheaded girl??? Daddy, go through camp notes and we will learn so much more....

What about the kid whose parents had taken him off of Ritalin for the week and therefore wouldn't change out of his sick orange t-shirt, ate the popcorn kernels because severe drug withdrawl made him insatiably hungry, and made you cry in a staff meeting? What was your nickname for HIM??


you know who said...

happy to see actual blogggggging again. PHEW.

Alicia said...

oh wow i can totally picture each kid you're talking about!!