There were a SHOCKING number of attractive people at Pitchfork. I've never seen so many attractive people in the Midwest all gathered together. I guess we all put down our garden hoes and turned off our tractors for the weekend. The fields will still be there to till on Monday, right?

Baby and Daddy have always appreciate classic costumes like Sheet Ghost or Witch Hat. So I really dug these dudes who were dressed as classic Old West Cowboys and Indians.

I felt like Daddy would be jealous of this guy's awesome hair. He had a whole "slackers in Clueless" vibe going and I was FEELING IT.

When Daddy and Baby lived in Bucktown approx. 1,000 years ago, we were both totally in love with this long haired guy who worked at Urban Outfitters. AND THEN BABY SAW HIM IN THE CROWD! She ran off to snap because he did it again-- totally sexy outfit! This, take note, is the ONLY acceptable way for a man to wear a tank top. It's gray, not skintight, NOT those weird giant ripped armholes. Plus he has long hair. I mean, the man can do no wrong.

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